Monday, August 22, 2011

United States Solar Quote

Assuming an average $0.10/kWh,312,000,000 MWh/mo, $5/watt, Los Angeles sun hours, over 25 years...

Do nothing, costs $23.5 trillion
Lease from China, costs $20 trillion
Buy for $12 trillion, creates $7.8 trillion in new wealth

How do we finance $12 trillion? China has $17 trillion in gold. They can lend it to us and, like with most products, then sell us 10,800,000,000 panels.

40% of coal comes from Wyoming, West Virginia is fearful of job loss. So, install the solar panels in those states, 5,400 square miles versus Wyomings land area of 97,000 square miles.  Solar performs better at high altitudes, West Virginia has some flat mountain tops.

Not to mention the savings from war and pollution clean up, this system would provide the U.S. a 3+% return on investment, much better than TARP.

If we were to finance such a system at 2% for 25 years (well above current Treasury rates), our monthly payment would be $51 billion. Currently we spend $56 billion/month on Defense.

We can have field engineering come out within the next 3 days if youd like to get started?

United States Solar Quote