Thursday, September 20, 2012

Majority of Americans “Over” Estimate the Cost of Going Solar

According to a recent survey,97% of Americansgrossly overestimate the cost of installing solar panels on their homes.

Respondents of the survey placed their guesses at $20,000 – but these estimates are way off. In actual fact, most homeowners pay closer to $10,000. AtRich Hessler Solar, some of our customers pay $1,000 or less after taking advantage of leasing agreements and incentives.

You heard correctly. Some homeowners actually pay next to nothing for their solar PV installations.

Just to put things in perspective – that’s like estimating that a $1 can of Coke actually costs $20.

Of course, in some high-end New York restaurants, you can come pretty close to paying that kind of cash for carbonated sugar water. But the vast majority of beverage drinkers know the true value of a can of Coke.

So why do 97% of Americans believe free energy from the sun is expensive? What is the source of this perception gap?

Part of the problem lies in insufficient marketing of the numerous local, state, and federal solar incentives available to ordinary homeowners like you. Even if you live in a region like Alaska, you still qualify for a range of rebates and tax credits to help you bring the cost of your solar installation down – way down.

Those savings are amplified if you live in solar hotspots like California and Arizona. Even New Jersey – a state with moderate sunshine – offers unbelievable incentives that far too few homeowners take the time to explore.

More Companies Are Offering Free Online Solar Estimates

To correct this cost myth, a growing number of solar installers across the country now offer free solar estimates. These are no-obligation quotes designed to help you assess whether or not going “solar” makes sense for your home or business.

The process is very simple and can be completed within a matter of seconds from the comfort of your home or office computer:

Using an online solar estimate formlike this one, you:

  • Input your address to bring up a satellite image of your property
  • Enter a few details about monthly electricity bills and property type (residential vs. commercial – rent vs. own)
  • Supply your preferred contact information

And voila! You receive your free solar estimate, outlining the potential cost, savings, and ROI of your installation.

On-Site Solar Estimates – Also Free

Those who want to explore their options even further can then request an on-site solar estimate. In many cases, these are also free of charge, requiring no obligation or commitment on your part.

What’s more, when professional installers come to your home to take measurements, they can also provide you with information about the numerous state and local incentives that can bring your total cost down even further. Some installers also have special financing and leasing arrangements that eliminate your upfront costs altogether.

Depending on where you live, it’s possible to pay $0 down andstillhave a lower monthly electricity bill than you do right now?

If 97% of Americans took the time to request a free solar estimate, you would see a tidal wave of PV installation activity across the country. The economics of solar are impossible to ignore. And when you factor in the environmental benefits and energy security that you enjoy, it’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t at least explore his or her options.

Take the challenge. See for yourself. Request a freesolar estimatetoday.